• Hamptons Art Hub, May 4th, 2012. 

    Three to See: Weekend of 05.04.12, by Pat Rogers. 

    " Tonalism paintings often portray backlit landscapes at dawn or twilight and impart a distinctive mood. Subtle values shifts direct viewers to the painting's main subject, according to The Grenning Gallery."

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  • The New York Times, June 3rd, 2010. 

    Art Parties, Alive and Well in New York, by Melena Ryzik. 

    "People who believe that New York has lost its anything-goes cultural energy have just been going to the wrong regular intervals Mr. Shelford, addressing the crowd as Salonistas, announced an act or a changing of models (equal opportunity, men and women)."

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  • Southampton Press, May 25th, 2010. 

    With resurgence of interest in the human figure, more opportunities arise for working with models, by Pat Rogers. 

    "Thomas Shelford of East Hampton demonstrates drawing from the model at salon parties held at Giles Larrain's studio in Soho. The events feature live music, models (typically clothed), wine and more. The salon parties are designed to encourage creativity and connections within the arts.

    Mr. Shelford also hosts invitation-only sketch parties on Sundays in East Hampton. He's leading a public sketch garden party on Monday from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the newly-opened WhiteWash Studio in Amagansett. Spectators and artists are welcome. Visit for information." 

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  • Southampton Press, May 18th, 2010. 

    Artists offer theories on renewed interest in nude figurative work, by Pat Rogers. 

    "East Hampton and Manhattan classical realist painter Thomas Shelford believes artists are gravitating toward the figure as an antidote to object disconnection that began with modernism and continued with conceptualism." 

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  • Scallywag & Vagabond, March 30th, 2010. 

    Salon Bohemia, by Nicole Durbin. 

    "Though Thomas Shelford is always a major presence at Art Salon, this month was special. Shelford unveiled his latest allegorical self-portrait, "The Purist," along with the sketches, drawings, and color studies that informed the final work. He was happy to indulge party-goers with an explanation of his process."

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  • Scallywag & Vagabond, May 30th, 2009. 

    Flamenco stars at Soho Art Salon Party, by Nicole Durbin. 

    "The benefit was a success, and organizer-artist Thomas Shelford saw that attendees raved about the conceit of being able to observe him and other collaborating artists create portraits of live models in front of their eyes- a rare treat for even the most involved art connoisseurs."

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  • On The Jitney Magazine, Issue 20, February 13th - 26th, 2009. 

    Tom Shelford: The Artist as Teacher and Philosopher, by Lynn Matsuoka. 

    "His current painting series combines the particular and intellectually derived color fields of Mark Rothko with traditional elements such as fruit and the human figure that he loves, reconciling the intellectual concept of modernism with the power of traditional images. "

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  • Decorati Access Interior Design Magazine, February 6, 2009. 

    Art for Love, Water for Life, by Stacey Donovan. 

    "'I am grateful for the tremendous artistic benefits I've received studying under the classical atelier workshop model, where artists pass on hundreds of years of knowledge by working side by side with their teachers,' said artist Thomas Shelford, who organized the event. 'With this and future salon events, I wanted to grow this artistic community and extend its benefits to the public in a fun and educational format.'"

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  • The East Hampton Star, Arts Section, Tuesday October 14, 2008. 

    Figuratively Speaking, by Jennifer Landes. 

    "Thomas J. Shelford takes a unique approach by incorporating the figure into classically formed still lifes of books and fruit. It is absurd at first, but intriguing as well. Is the figure a painting being reproduced by the artist or is it something viewed through a window, voyeuristically? "

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  • The East Hampton Star, The Art Scene, Monday October 13, 2008. 

    The Figure at Surface Library, by Janet Gloeas. 

    "...Mr. Shelford's sensitive treatment of the human form recalls an Ingres portrait."

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  • The Southampton Press, Arts & Living Section, Wednesday October 9, 2008, Page B2. 

    Illuminating an Image's Essence, by Erik Ernst. 

    "While in principle, abstraction and figuration are assumed to be irreversably separated by both concept and dogma, the current exhibitions at Surface Library Gallery in Springs...seem to emphasize the painterly tendencies to blur these lines of demarcation."

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  • Hamptons Magazine Online, Arts Section, Monday October 6, 2008. 

    Figuratively Speaking 

    "...Thomas J. Shelford's skill and simplicity is manifested in intensely atmospheric drawings, paintings and grisailles. "

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  • Southampton Press, Arts Section, Thursday January 24, 2008, page B2. 

    Winter Blues Give Way to Two Unique Shows, by Erik Ernst. 

    "...Thomas Shelford's 'Beatrice' is beautifully drawn and highly emotional... "

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  • Southampton Press, Arts Section, Thursday January 24, 2008, page B1. 

    Long Island Academy Graduates to Next Level, by Pat Rogers. 

    "...Mr. Shelford has several drawings on view. Several portraits are rendered in charcoal. Others make use of the classical technique known as grisaille, a monochromatic approach to painting and drawing typically executed in light grays or browns that was often used in the Renaissance... "

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  • Hamptons Magazine Online, Arts Section, Friday January 11, 2008. 

    Grenning Gallery's Sculpture Showroom "Draws" In Students, by Joan Baum. 

    "...Shelford, who ran a December-January mini-series, exudes an intense but amiable intellectualism, not to mention attractive eclecticism reflecting years spent as an illustrator and website designer. He explains that plaster casts are typically used for introductory workshops because participants need to concentrate on line, light, and form without having to confront complications of surface texture or color... "

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  • The Sag Harbor Express, Arts Section, December 20, 2007, page B1. 

    Meeting a Desire to Learn Art: A new academy opens where artists are the teachers, by Peter Neely. 

    "...Instructor and artist, Thomas Shelford, is teaching students a technique in which drawings are built up in stages. The technical approach mirrors 19th century academic drawing methods, allowing students to solidify their technical background..." 

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